Wednesday, August 1, 2012

End of July Trailer Park Homestead Update

Between personal issues, some super excited special projects I can't talk about yet (but I promise I'll let you know about as soon as it is a sure thing, if it works out), the crazy weather impeding my gardening efforts (I swear, if we have another winter like last, I'm going to treat February as the new March and get things started a lot sooner!), and just life in general (the laundry pile waits for no one!), I've been severely neglecting this blog and I apologize for that.  Here's the sorry state of my garden as of the end of July.  Hopefully August will be more kind for getting things done, because there is a lot to do out there!

My "secret garden" behind the house is doing pretty well with it's miniature corn field, tomatoes, and watermelons.  As dry as it's been, the only thing that is producing yet is the corn, which I'm actually just growing for seed this year.

Container gardening is especially suffering in this heat.  I'm about to give up on this container and stick my avocado tree in it, since the banana seeds I bought this planter for still haven't germinated.  I think I'm going to see about getting some fresh banana seeds and see if they do any better, too.

This is supposed to just be a pepper garden, but that beautiful tomato plant appeared as a volunteer.  Since it is doing better than any tomatoes I've planted, I'm quite glad for it, but all the tomatoes are still green so far.

See what I'm talking about?  The tomatoes I planted all are sad, although one of these has at least given me some tomatoes we've eaten.

Not being able to get out into the heat has left some things to the weeds.  I need to get these planters replanted with something useful sometime soon!

The front garden bed is a mess as well.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get that cleaned up and replanted in the next day or two as well.

I need to check for cucumbers and such in this mess, but I'm really starting to like my freestyle herb garden because overall it is really low maintenance, especially since many of these plants are very adapted to this climate.

I performed surgery on this zucchini plant a couple weeks ago to remove squash vine borer demons and it seems to have been successful since the plant is still alive and growing!  Yay!


  1. Have you gotten any zucchini yet? My zucchini hasnt done squat but Ive had blooms like crazy. They are big beautiful plants but no zucchini! Im still waiting for red tomatoes in ohio also. My plants are about 5 foot tall and loaded with green tomatos, also my pepper plants did excellent this year. First year Ive ever gotten peppers.

    1. They are still tiny, but there are a couple zucchini on there. I haven't gotten any peppers yet though.

  2. I have gotten my first 3 ripe tomatos this week and been getting zucchuni for awhile now. Containers did not do well at all this year with the heat and I did lose my squash and pumpkings to stupid squash bores......huge infestation of them! Luckily I had yellow crook necks and zucchinis planted at a variety of times so I am back to getting them!

    I did get out and weed mine in all that heat.....mistake! Fried my back horridly.

  3. hi chris- i just put up a letter about gardening rights over at my blog, and i am trying to get people to re-post it and/or to mail it. any chance you would consider linking to it or re-posting it here? thanks- julie

    1. Linked on my fb page and I'll repost it here as well.