Saturday, September 29, 2012

And the New Name Is........

Yes, I realize that graphic might look a little familiar, since I basically took a virtual Sharpie to the old one, crossed out the TPH part and added the new part (which is far harder than picking up an actual Sharpie and writing on a piece paper or moving box, if you've never tried it).

While it might look like a lazy way to update the title graphic, it actually is very symbolic.  All the images on that graphic came from our life at the Trailer Park Homestead, which, as you read this (assuming you are reading this post fresh off the electrons and not several months later), is being transplanted to the City 'Stead.  As many of my tomatoes, ground cherries, zucchini (not watermelon or winter squash, since those are planted in actual garden beds and wouldn't survive transplant, so I'm abandoning them for my soon-to-be former neighbors to harvest until frost kills them), herbs, etc as we can transport and transplant are being uprooted (well, not quite literally, but close enough) to the new 'Stead.  And this blog is going right with them.

As of right now, I don't have any cool homesteading pictures of the new City 'Stead, because it hasn't been put together.  Once I do, I'll put those in a sparkling (well, again, probably not literally) new graphic on top of the page and say farewell to the Trailer Park Homestead completely.


  1. Nice! I look forward to seeing how the transplants go and how the new place shapes up.

  2. All I still see is the old name? Weird maybe it'll show up later

  3. I can see your new name! Best of luck with the move, can't wait to hear about your new adventures! :)