Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Free ebooks 2/27/13 edition

Changes are coming to this page due to changes in Amazon's affiliate program that put lists like this on in jeopardy. Please read about what is going on and what you can do to help keep this freebie list alive here.

Every day, except those times life gets in the way, I search Amazon to bring you the highest quality FREE ebooks to help you live a thriftier, more self-reliant life.  These are the results of today's search.  There are no magic lists or feeds to tell me where to find these books--this is the product of hours of work.  Even though these books are free, I do make a small commission if you buy anything on the same trip to Amazon as when you go to download these books and that is what pays me for the hours of time I spend doing this for you.  If you enjoy these lists, please keep that in mind the next time you go to make a purchase online and start from on of my links on this blog or my Facebook page.  I hope you enjoy today's selections!

Before we get to the free books, here are today's "Reader Recommendations", good products that cost money, that I am promoting here due to the changes in Amazon's affiliate program:

As spring approaches and we get going ordering out seeds and getting them started, did you know that Amazon sells heirloom seeds?  There are lots to choose from, like this Black Krim Russian Heirloom tomato or

this Black Beauty zucchini.  Please help support this page and the free ebooks I bring you daily by keeping this in mind when placing your orders with Amazon.

And now on to the free ebooks....

This post is time sensitive.  If you are finding it after the post date, most of these are probably no longer free.  Always check the price before clicking "buy."

If you don't have a Kindle device, you can still access these books by downloading an app for your computer, tablet, or smartphone, or by using the Kindle Cloud Reader to read them online (or you could buy one, since the sheer number of these free daily ebooks makes it worth while! They start at only $69!).




Container Gardening Made Easy

Raised Bed Intensive Garden: How To Build One For Self Sufficiency

Organic Vegetable Gardening pests- learn all the simple Techniques For Organic Pest Control In Your Garden (series of doctor garden)

Organic Vegetable Gardening-best Beginner's Manual-step by step. (from series of d"r garden) (from series of doctor garden)

Raised Bed Gardening: 3 Books bundle on Growing Vegetables In Raised Beds.

Raised Bed Gardening Planting Guide - Making The Most Of A Raised Bed Garden

Growing Herbs Indoors : Your Guide To Growing Herbs In Containers For A Vibrant Indoor Herb Garden

Organic Vegetable Gardening-Seed saving-tips and techniques ( series of doctor garden )

Thrifty Living

More Than Meatloaf: 56 recipes to make the most of your ground meat (Cooking Adventures of a Thrifty Mama)

How to Stretch a Chicken: 42 recipes to make the most of a whole chicken, leftover turkey, or even pesky squirrels (Cooking Adventures of a Thrifty Mama)

Dump Cake Recipes - Desserts So Easy Even Kids Can Make Them (Hillbilly Housewife Cookbooks)

31 Superb & Healthy Baked Chicken Recipes You Can Rely On

Vegan Nightmares - Paleo Winter Recipes

93 Healthiest Ice Creams: The most delicious, fast, easy-to-make, smooth, frozen desserts with whole fruit, nuts and seeds, and no added cream or sugar! (World's Healthiest Ice-Creams)

Gleefully Gluten-Free (Healthy Desserts & Snacks)

Heirloom Recipe Cookbook: Classic Homemade Retro Recipes From My Family To Yours, Main Dishes and Side Dishes

30 Decadent Desserts From Cookies, Pies, Cakes, Crisps, Cobblers, Custards, Soufflets, Puddings, Sorbets, and Other Fruit Desserts

Easy Side Dishes (Cooking for Everyone)

25 Artisan Style Bread Recipes : Bake Beautiful Sweet and Savory Loaves at Home Without A Bread Machine (The Green Gourmet)

The Soy-Free Vegan: Breakfast Recipes

The Best Cookie Recipes (My Favorite Cookies)

Paleo Breakfast: The Ultimate Guide

The Yummy Smoothie Book: Deceptively Low Calorie Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss and Health

Slow Cooker Comfort Foods

Pakistani Appetizers and Snacks - 30 Authentic Pakistani Appetizer Recipes

Home-based Business

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