Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Free Ebooks for a Thriftier Life--Wednesday 12/4/13 edition

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I search Amazon to bring you the highest quality FREE ebooks to help you live a thriftier, more self-reliant life.  These are the results of today's search.  There are no magic lists or feeds to tell me where to find these books--this is the product of hours of work.  Even though these books are free, I do make a small commission if you buy anything on the same trip to Amazon as when you go to download these books and that is what pays me for the hours of time I spend doing this for you.  If you enjoy these lists, please keep that in mind the next time you go to make a purchase online and start from on of my links on this blog or my Facebook page.  I hope you enjoy today's selections!

If you don't have a Kindle device, you can still access these books by downloading an app for your computer, tablet, or smartphone, or by using the Kindle Cloud Reader to read them online (or you could buy one, since the sheer number of these free ebooks makes it worth while! They start at only $69!).

This post is time sensitive.  If you are finding it after the post date, most of these are probably no longer free.  Always check the price before clicking "buy."

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  1. Just heard what's happen, RIP lovely, thinking of your kids xxxx

  2. Rest In Peace. Thinking of your kids.

  3. Rest in Peace sweet friend. My prayers are with your 3 children left behind. I know you are watching over them. You have made a impact on so many and will be truly missed.

  4. Bless the children and I will pray for your family during this crisis.

  5. How sad, my heart goes out to your children and family. May God help them in this hard times. Praying for you all.

  6. Prayers for the family. I am heartbroken.

  7. I know that you won't read this . . . but I'm so sad for your whole family, especially your children.

  8. I only wish you could somehow see these messages. May you and your son rest in peace now. May your children on this earth one day find peace within themselves. xxx

  9. RIP, Christine. Your posts inspired and helped so many people. May you and your son rest in peace. God bless the ones who love you who are left behind.

  10. I keep coming here knowing there will be no more posts but because I keep thinking of you. You are still truly missed and prayers are still be said for your family. Know you are watching over them and also please know you are still loved and missed by many.

  11. You are missed by many people who never knew you and who just found you on the web and FB. What a terrible thing for you and your family. Prayers for all of you. You were just starting and the unthinkable happened. Rest in peace...your smile lives on.

  12. Thinking of you and your family today, hard to believe a year has gone by. Thank you for your generous and industrious spirit

  13. Not sure what prompted me to come today, but... you are still loved. And missed. I hope somehow you know that.

  14. Stopping by to see if this is just a nightmare that we all can wake up from. I miss you more than ever.

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  22. Remembering you Chris. I hope your children are doing as well as they can. I miss talking with you and your optimism despite your circumstances.

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