Tuesday, November 20, 2012

*******ENDED******My Pre-Publishing Promotion for my FIRST Ebook: How to stretch a chicken

It is official:  I've written an entire book!  Granted, it is an ebook, so it is a bit shorter than a conventional book, but I still wrote it.  To thank my loyal readers, I want to offer you an opportunity to get an advanced copy!  So here's the deal.  Anyone that donates $20 or more to my homestead via the Paypal button on my sidebar will not only get an advanced copy of this ebook, but will also get an advanced copy of my next 11 ebooks!  They will be in PDF format, so you can print them out for easy referencing, unlike most ebooks or even unlike the regular epublished versions through Amazon!  I will be churning out at least one a month, so it is kind of like a subscription thing, but rather than a magazine, you are getting a book a month (or quicker) for the next year!  These ebooks will be at least $2.99 each on Amazon, so that's at least a $35 value!  You have to hurry though--this deal expires tomorrow night at midnight Eastern time, at which time I'll be listing it on Amazon, so I won't be able to distribute these "free" copies any more!

So here's the cover for my first book.  What are the next 11 about, you might ask?  Well, I don't know exactly, since I have a pretty long list of ideas to choose from, but they'll be about the same kinds of things I've always posted about, from prepping to gardening to cooking and eating cheaply.

With Thanksgiving and all that leftover turkey just a couple days away, you need this book, so get it now!  If you want the books sent to a different email address than the one the Paypal payment is through, just mark that in the note section.  Thanks and happy ereading!

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