Sunday, March 17, 2013

Update: A Family's Food Supply is Threatened!!!!!

Last month, I posted this story about a friend of mine whose family's food supply is threatened by her township overstepping their bounds and the law by trying to force her to get rid of her farm animals that are protected by Michigan's Right to Farm Law....and common sense.  The township board reconvened last week and voted on her situation, deciding to pursue legal action against her and her husband.  So now she needs resources to keep up the fight, namely money.  She can't afford to fight this fight on her own, so she's set up this donation page to handle her legal fund.  Please donate if you are able and spread the word, regardless of whether you can help out financially.  Governments need to see that they cannot step on people's rights to clean food and the rights of people to be able to feed their family!

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  1. There is a "Right to farm" law. And a guy that works at Meridian Township who might be able to help her find good resources. Brett Dryfus is his name. He also runs the Greater Lansing Time Bank. I hope this helps!