Thursday, November 7, 2013

Feeding 5 on $50: First list

This list is from 10/24/13 (I'll have current ones as soon as I get caught up on old ones, so you can take advantage of the same deals if you live somewhere that the stores I shop at are).  There were several value added deals that week (buy 4 Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough, get a gallon of milk free; buy 5 of select products, get $5 off instantly; buy 5 Dannon Greek yogurt, get one free; buy 4 Pizza Rolls, get one free), which heavily influenced what I bought that week.  All in all, I spent $48.94 on food and saved $35.94, so my total savings by using my sales shopping method was 42%!  If the numbers don't add up quite right, it is because I don't remember what coupons went with what.   I will try to keep better track of that in the future, now that I'm sharing that info.

Here is what I bought with prices:

5 storebrand soup $2.95 (regular price $3.25)
8 Armour Lunchmakers $6.32 (regular price $16.72)
2 bacon $3.98 (regular price $7.38)
6 Dannon Oikos yogurt $5 (regular price $6.54)
40oz frozen raw chicken $5.69 (regular price $7.99)
2 8oz Kraft shredded cheese $4 (regular price $6.18)
4 Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough $5 (regular price $10.76)
1 storebrand milk FREE with purchase of cookie dough (regular price $2.89)
2 frozen french fries $4 (regular price $5.38)
2 big bags of frozen peas $4 (regular price $4.58)
5 40ct Pizza Rolls $10 (regular price $15.45)

So there is some actual food in there, which I served as one meal of chicken in (gluten-free) gravy with rice and peas using ingredients I already had, plus we had steaks and french fries another night with tomatoes from my garden, and I don't remember what other meals we had, but what I do remember helps illustrate that the list of what I buy each week doesn't always match what is eaten for dinner that week. 

I invite you to share your grocery shopping lists and how much it cost in the comments section so we can compare other people's experiences and techniques.

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