Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Feeding 5 on $50: Second list

This week, I didn't do as well.  I actually violated my rule about not changing anything on the list when I remembered in the store that we were almost out of milk, so I picked up a gallon.  Hence, I ended up going over budget just a tad.  This week, my grocery total was $53.49 (the milk was $2.69), so I went a little over, a mistake that I'll have to compensate for at a later date.  Looking at my receipt now, I see why:  If you bought 5 Nabisco products, you were supposed to get $5 off instantly.  Apparently, the cashier didn't ring up one of the boxes of Teddy Grahams, so by not paying for that item at $2.49 and then getting $5 taken off, I ended up paying more!  I wonder if that is something I can take the receipt into the store and get corrected!

Anyway, here is my shopping experience from 11/1/13.

3 boxes Teddy Grahams $7.47 (was supposed to be $4.47;  regular price $8.97)
1 storebrand milk $2.69 (regular price $2.89)
2 boxes Ritz crackers $5.54 (was supposed to be $3.54; regular price $5.54)
3 pkg OreIda frozen potatoes $4.50 (regular price $8.97)
2 pkg storebrand frozen vegetables $2 (regular price $2.50)
3 cans SpaghettiOs $2.60 (regular price $3.21)
16 Yoplait yogurt $8 (regular price $9.60)
6 Bolthouse Farms juices $10 (regular price $17.94)
1 box turkey corn dogs $5.49 (regular price $6.09)
40oz frozen chicken boneless skinless breasts $5.69 (regular price $7.99)
1 8oz chunk Kraft cheese $2 (regular price $3.09)

We ate some of that chicken with some baked butternut squash and the kids had the corn dogs and some fries on a night I wasn't home (along with some raw veggies we already had on hand), but the other stuff either hasn't been consumed yet or is for snacks, lunches, etc.  I like those Bolthouse farms juices for times I need to eat something but don't actually have time to do so, which happens far too often, so I was really excited about that sale.  I'm pretty upset about the mess-up with the Nabisco products though and will definitely be paying more attention to my receipts in the future, which means no more taking the kids to the store!

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  1. Go back to the store and stop at customer service for a refund. Before you go, search on line for your state consumer protection agency laws. Here in CT, if an item rings up incorrectly, the customer is entitiled to one free item and any additional items are to have the over charge refunded. *THe cost of the item must be $20 or less. This covers a lot of grocery store errors. HTH!