Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Hardcore Gardener's Spring Planting Chart

It seems that every chart I come across lists when you can plant different vegetables in alphabetical order.  Frequently, though, what I want to know is what can I get away with planting now?  For others like me, here is that chart.  Unfortunately for you, I'm only figuring out things I'm planning on planting and I'm only going by my expected last frost date, which I'm guesstimating to be mid-May.  I may adjust the actual dates I plant as we get into May, if it looks like that may not be accurate.  I'm drawing on a number of sources for these and sometimes the sources disagree, so I'm using my best guesses as well as setting dates I'm most likely to get a chance to do it, which for me means weekdays.

Planned planting date          
(indoors/transplant/outdoors)            Crop                 
March 8 (indoors)                             Broccoli
March 8 (indoors)                             Cabbage
March 15 (indoors)                           Lettuce
March 18 (indoors)                           Tomatoes
March 18 (indoors)                           Green Peppers
March 30 (outdoors)                         Carrots
April 4 (indoors)                                Ground cherries
April 6 (outdoors)                              Peas
April 6 (outdoors)                              Spinach
April 13 (transplant)                           Broccoli
April 13 (transplant)                           Cabbage                               
April 13 (outdoors)                            Broccoli
April 13 (outdoors)                            Onions (sets)
April 14 (indoors)                              Cucumbers
April 14 (indoors)                              Melons
April 14 (indoors)                              Winter squash
April 14 (indoors)                              Zucchini
April 17 (transplant)                           Lettuce
May 11 (outdoors)                             Cabbage
May 11 (outdoors)                             Lettuce
May 16 (outdoors)                             Basil
May 16 (outdoors)                             Beans
May 16 (outdoors)                             Pumpkins
May 16 (outdoors)                             Sunflowers
May 16 (transplant)                            Cucumber
May 16 (transplant)                            Green Peppers
May 16 (transplant)                            Ground cherries
May 16 (transplant)                            Tomatoes
May 16 (transplant)                            Winter squash
May 16 (transplant)                            Zucchini
May 27 (outdoors)                             Corn


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