Monday, February 13, 2012

Meal Plan Monday--February 13-19

Ya know, it seems to me that most weeks, I have to juggle things around as to which day we have which dinner enough that I think I'm going to stop including the days of the week on these things.  Last week, we didn't even get to one of the meals because I forgot to included a much needed clean out the fridge night.  This week is another example of meals moving around because of circumstances.  I'm nearly positive we'll be using a certificate (see my sidebar or below for their latest deal, since they are a sponsor of this site) to go out for a nice dinner together.  I'm also pretty positive it will not actually be on Valentine's Day (because that would be insane) or on the weekend (also pretty insane) or tonight (my husband has a paper due for school today that he isn't done with yet).  However, I'm not sure which of the remaining days it will be so it is just floating out there.  Having rambled on about said all that, here is the meal plan for this week, in approximate chronological order

1. venison stroganoff Weekly Promo Offer 600 X 400
3.  Gonna use one of these bad boys to go out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants to celebrate Valentine's Day (We had our wedding rehearsal dinner there too, so it is meaningful to both of us.  Really.)
4. Mexican casserole (new recipe)

5. slow cooker venison roast (take two.  The first attempt produced a melt-in-your-mouth roast, but not exactly the flavor I was looking for) with carrots and potatoes

 6. chicken cheese roll ups (another highly experimental recipe) with fresh veggies

Already I can see changes are going to be made in this order, since I don't want to have a chicken dish two nights in a row, plus my oldest son will be here this weekend and he doesn't like egg rolls (he's a strange boy like that, but I still love him!).  Not to mention, with my son here, I may not need to make a 7th meal, because we might go visit family.  See what I was talking about with plans constantly changing?  "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry", so I guess it isn't a surprise that mine would too.


  1. Tonight we have spaghetti (homemade) with tomato sauce (half from a jar and half homemade). Tomorrow is our night out (Chinese yay!). Wednesday is pork something or other. Thursday is chicken paprikash (Hungarian chicken recipe). Friday is homemade pizza night. Saturday is probably left-overs and easy stuff because it's a busy day for us. Sunday is Greek Feast night, because someone gave us ground lamb and sis is going to make stuffed grape leaves and that leads to things like baklava from scratch and such. *grin*

  2. Thank you for sharing your meal plan. After reading this, others may be inspired to plan their meals.