Sunday, February 19, 2012

Zombie Gardening

When I say the phrase "zombie gardening", I think the image that pops into people's minds is probably something like this
If you were hoping this is what I was talking about, they are available on Amazon
but I'm being more liberal with my definition of what sorts of corpses are being reanimated.  This is what I'm currently including in my zombie garden:
According to gems I've found on the best time-sucker ever, Pinterest, the corpses of all of these can be reanimated into new plants, that will eventually provide new food!

Chop off the top of a pineapple with a bit of core still attached and stick it in the soil:

Save the pit of an avocado and suspend it with toothpicks in water to grow a new tree:

Cut off the bottom of grocery store celery, stick it in the soil, stalk side up, and grow an easy new celery plant!:

For the sweet potato, cut it in half (longways) press into moist soil and cover them with plastic:

I mentioned my plan to start a zombie garden to my dad, and he told me there is in fact a whole book out there about it!  The book he mentioned is called The After-Dinner Gardening Book.  When looking for this book on Amazon, I discovered there is another book out there like this as well: Don't Throw It, Grow It!: 68 windowsill plants from kitchen scraps. I definitely will be seeking these books out from the library to try to grow my zombie (plant) army!


  1. That's awesome! I'm trying out carrots and celery and I just bought a pineapple today to try out.

  2. I want to do that too! Great ideas!

  3. good luck with the avocado. I've grown several and none of them produce fruit. But they are beautiful trees!

  4. LOL!!! "Time-sucker, Pinterest" --- that is true for me! I will prob never do many of the things on my boards, except the "do with my grandchildren" but you never know. I love it and it helps me de-stress. Can we see your boards? You can click on the pinterest button on my blog if you want to see mine. And I am anxious to see how your plants do and I know you will keep us posted. Have a great day! oh, and pray tell, what happened to your wedding dress??

    1. My boards are at

      The dress got ripped when I stepped on it in such a way that it really couldn't be fixed.

  5. Thank you for sharing some of these gardening tips. These could be useful to those who look into gardening in the spring time.

  6. And don't forget the very popular pin on placing the white bits of spring onions into water and watching the green leaves regrow! Haha...I'm hooked on Pinterest too (I just followed you). It's great in the winter but thing it'll go on the back burner come warmer days...I HOPE!

    1. I just soak a bunch of Spring onions in a vase of water for a day or two to refresh them, then plant anywhere in my garden. They last for years if you just cut off the green tops and leave the bulbs in the ground.

  7. Great tips, thanks! I've been doing this very thing lately with onions, garlic, and ginger root. I love seeing new life spring up from items that would have ended up in my compost pile! Plus it's totally thrifty and free.

    I found your blog through Circle of Moms - love your blog title (it's what brought me to your terrific blog)! I look forward to reading more from you.

    Peace. ;)

  8. Zombie gardening.....I can always count on a great fun and informative post from you!

    I've been watching and pinning those ideas, but can't try anything til its warmer out....I have no real good windows to use for growing things. The one I have is taken up by the mini citrus trees and african violets.

  9. i knew about potatoes and celer, but not pineapple! im going to have to try that!

    Also, just found this and thought i'd share! I know you love free seeds as much as i do! ;)

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  10. This is interesting. Certainly takes recycling to a whole new level! I am interested in learning more about this topic. Thanks for another interesting post!

  11. This post really made me laugh. I agree when I heard zombie gardening I was getting flashbacks of Michael Jackson's Thriller video.

    What a great idea to reuse foods for gardening. Don't forget that green onion roots can be reused too - just place in a glass of water to sprout new onions.