Monday, February 6, 2012

Meal Plan Monday--February 6-12

Every now and then, I have a week of meals that sound so delicious and inspired that I'm super excited just to be alive that week for the food.  This is such a week.  Maybe it is due to the sun shining so brightly today, something that just doesn't happen in Michigan in February and will be gone after today, but my meal plan for this week is brightening my outlook on things.

Monday: jambalaya

Tuesday: crispy cheddar chicken (new recipe I didn't get around to making last week), sour cream & "chive" (the "chives" are actually the tops of onions growing on my kitchen counter.  Yay for fresh food!) mashed potatoes, sweet baby carrots

Wednesday: crockpot venison roast (another culinary experiment)
Thursday: spinach & feta quiche

Friday: venison stroganoff on rice, green beans

Saturday: broccoli, cheddar, & potato soup with hearty, crusty bread (bowls?)
Sunday: shredded chicken enchiladas (yet another experiment)

Hopefully, with all these great new recipes, I'll get caught up on some of the other recipes I've been needing to post as well, like vegetable lasagna, slow cooker bacon & cheese soup, and more!

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