Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Saga Continues--a Trailer Park Homestead update

Think this letter will make her cringe more than the corn does?
After I unleashed the letter writing campaign yesterday, I went to talk to a lady in the neighborhood that had commented the other day that they could not stop me from growing vegetables in my own yard.  I thought it was fairly ironic that we had just talked about this literally two days ago and now I was being given this "rules reminder" write-up.  Turns out, she is the wife of the neighborhood association president. 

Now, this isn't a nasty association, like some HOAs out there.  This isn't neighbor against neighbor.  Nope!  This association exists to keep the property management from harassing and intimidating residents of the MHC.  Perfect for what I am dealing with.  I happily filled out my form and paid my $10 to join so I could get all the benefits of their assistance.  The president pointed out when dealing with bureaucrats of any sort, if it isn't in writing, it didn't happen, so we started to write a letter to document our position on this nonsense, even though a lot of it was covered in my husband's conversation with the park's manager earlier that morning.  Here is that letter, which was sent via fax at 4:59, so she probably gets to chew on it all weekend:

RE:    Rule Reminder denying a vegetable garden dated August 5, 2011

Dear Michelle Feltner:

I have received the Rule Reminder dated August 5, 2011.  There are three different areas checked, along with a fourth as “other”.  Please find my response to each of these issues below.

First issue is:
Improvements/Alterations/Excavations/Repairs.  A. Written Approval Required.

Written approval is needed for alterations to homes and improvements to Lots.  This is not an improvement, alteration, excavation, or repair.  It is simply a vegetable garden.  Growing food can be very rewarding.  Flower gardens and vegetable gardens are encouraged by Hamlin M.H.C.  (Please see attached “Pride Of Ownership” contest paper that describes availability of top soil and mulch.)   I do not agree with your personal opinion, and will continue to grow vegetables.

As we had discussed on May 31, 2011, I will be planting all garden areas with grass seed before I move.

Second Issue is:
Home Site Maintenance:  A.  Area To Have Clean Appearance.

Although I do not share your personal opinion that my vegetable garden is not a “clean appearance”, I have received many compliments on how beautiful the vegetable garden is.  I think that the vegetable garden is beautiful.  I would like to see any complaints written about this vegetable garden.  I am sure that there are none.
Third Issue is:
Home Site Maintenance:  B.  Lawn – Mow/Trim/Fertilize/Water/Rake.

I can only assume you are requiring me to mow down this vegetable garden, due to your personal preferences and the fact that none of the above choices are circled.  That determination is unacceptable.  I rent this area of land and I will continue to grow food to feed my family.

Fourth Issue is:
Other:  Please remove garden and restore grass area feel free to call me with any questions. 

Would you please point out the ordinance for Leroy Township that denies residents the right to grow food for their family.  This is an agricultural community.  I would be happy to call the channel 6 news team or the channel 10 news team out here to Webberville.  They would be very happy to air that vegetable gardens are being denied to residents of an agricultural community because the manager of Hamlin M.H.C. park, in Webberville, Michigan, does not like to look at vegetables.

Hamlin M.H.C. has a massive flower garden in the front of the community which is the managements obvious preference.  I feel my vegetable garden is also beautiful, and my family gets the benefits of fresh vegetables.   This being said, the following question must be asked.  Why are you discriminating against my family?

With the recent headlines of child hood obesity and such, I would only assume that you would encourage residents to grow their own fresh fruit and/or vegetables.  Please send me your written response to the address above for my records.



  1. I went to their site and submitted a letter. You're right this letter will definitely get their attention on their rules and the rights of their residents.

  2. Good for you! Keep everyone posted, and let us know if you need more help.

  3. It is possible that, by not responding to the plan you provided in May, the manager has automatically given you permission to do what you wanted (though she might not know about this loophole - if it exists in your documents). This is the case in many HOA's in Texas. An untimely or response or no response at all grants automatic approval.

    Something to look in to :)

  4. It looks like you have all your ducks in a row! Your letter was written beautifully!

  5. You go! The whole issue just ridiculous!