Friday, August 5, 2011

Silly Pumpkins--the mystery is solved and more!

So it looks like the mystery plants are pumpkins!  Unfortunately, I didn't really need pumpkins since I already have pumpkins growing elsewhere, sometimes several feet in the air!  Also unfortunately, the one person that said pumpkins for the answer to the contest was an anonymous person that didn't leave any sort of contact info, so if you are that person, you'll need to email me your address to mail your prize (don't worry:  I can verify it is the correct person from ISP address).   My theory is that when we tossed the pumpkin goo from carving Jack-o-Lanterns last Halloween, the seeds laid in wait until spring.  When I used some of that compost to plant the tomatoes, the seeds sprouted and grew and grew!

Anyway, back to the silly pumpkins!
The pumpkins in the inside out Three Sisters garden don't look that great, but they are flowering, so maybe I'll get something out of them.
The silliest pumpkin plant of all!  One tiny little pumpkin plant is threatening to take over the entire vertical growing space on the front garden bed!  There are tiny little pumpkins all over this thing, including up on the bar on top!  I should end up with plenty of pumpkins for my kids this Halloween plus some additional ones to sell.  Yes, I know I could freeze them and eat them instead, but I'm really not overly fond of pumpkin, so I'll make some money with them instead, hopefully!
A tiny, baby pumpkin, about 4 1/2 feet in the air
Check out the silly pumpkin about 6-7 feet int he air! 

ucky pumpkin :-(
A final "unfortunately":  the former mystery plant pumpkins have been infested with ucky things, so it is a good thing I have the planned silly pumpkins!  The silly pumpkins so high in the air should be safe from bugs sneaking up out of the ground to eat them up.  Now, I'm off to pull the mystery plants and plant something I can actually use!


  1. lol, I can never have enough pumpkin. I hoard good organic canned pumpkin for between times. Its good for eating to help with ear infections which I have been prone to my entire life. Also good for the dogs when they get the runs. We go through alot every year and I buy sale pumpkins after Halloween just so we can puree and freeze them. I suck at growing them though.

  2. LOL I was the anonymous person since I didn't have a blogger account set up yet. Love your blog. I also lived in a park 20yrs ago and did raised boxes around our modular. Or found ceramic pots to use as the neighbors frowned at the sight of the buckets. When me finally sold it (we owned the trailer - we rented the lot) into a house the next owners were thrilled to have something already started. I just knew that pumpkin plant. LOL I have mystery plants show up now and then the only place they could of come from was my compost pile.

  3. Yay! We have an official winner now! If you could email me your mailing info at adventuresofathriftymama(at)hotmail(dot)com I'll get your prize pack mailed out to you ASAP.