Friday, November 11, 2011

Hot Buttered Rum--Grandma's recipes archival project

I only extremely rarely (like once a year or less) partake of alcoholic beverages anymore, but on a cold, cold night like last night, when the temperature in the house can reach as low as 55 degrees, this would be mighty tempting if I had it mixed up and ready to go in the freezer!

This looks good


  1. Is it possible when you post a family recipe like this, especially the hand written ones, you could maybe type out what they say so it's a little more legible? It looks delicious but I can't quite make it all out!

  2. I enjoy the occasional drink (like, once every couple months or so). But my mother is an admitted alcoholic who downed a liter of vodka daily in her booze days. With that kind of bloodline, I am very careful about how much and how often I drink.

    I save booze mainly for special events (like my sister's wedding earlier this year), or for medicinal purposes (like when the insomnia has been striking nightly for two weeks and I just desperately need sleep).

    That said, I can't stand the taste of alcohol. If the rum is flavorful in that recipe, I wouldn't be able to even smell it, much less try it.