Monday, November 14, 2011

Meal Plan Monday--November 14-20

Being sick this weekend reminded me of something important: I've let my ready-to-go homemade freezer goodies go down to nothing.  I'm going to begin to rectify that this week, I hope.  It was awful to have to get up and make dinner from near scratch (I had some plain canned tomato sauce to work with to make spaghetti sauce, but that was it) when I couldn't even stand up long enough to make spaghetti!  I don't want to be caught in that situation again, so I'll start building that ready-to-go freezer stock pretty darn soon here, but first, I need to get caught up on the stuff I couldn't do over the weekend, both inside and outside the house, so Monday's and Tuesday's meals are pretty simple.  In fact, this entire week's plan is so integrated with what I want to get done this week, that I'm including my major project(s) for the day in parentheses next to the day of the week, so you can see why I picked that dinner to go with that day.

Monday (catch up on housework from the weekend): bbq chicken, baked potatoes, corn, and fresh tomato slices (didn't make this weekend because I was sick)

Tuesday (finish yardwork/garden projects for the year, start new compost heap, rake leaves): nachos
Wednesday (start venison stock, make cookies): baked macaroni & cheese and green beans
Thursday (can venison stock, make bread): venison stew with fresh homemade bread (bread bowls?)

Friday (make meatballs for the freezer):  meatballs, mashed potatoes, peas
Saturday (make pasties for the freezer): pasties
Sunday (make baked beans): creamy chicken casserole


  1. My goodness you are a busy bee. Feel free to come to my house and help out:)

  2. And here I was thinking what a slacker everyone would think I was considering how much easier this week is for me than most! lol