Thursday, December 20, 2012

Free ebooks 12/20/12 edition

This post is time sensitive.  If you are finding it after the post date, most of these are probably no longer free.  Always check the price before clicking "buy."

If you don't have a Kindle device, you can still access these books by downloading an app for your computer, tablet, or smartphone, or by using the Kindle Cloud Reader to read them online (or you could buy one, since the sheer number of these free daily ebooks makes it worth while! They start at only $69!).

Thrifty Living

Making Herbal Remedies (Herbology At Home)

YOGA for Back Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Leg Pain and Arthritis

Juice Fasting for Weight Loss: The complete Beginners guide to QUICK WEIGHT LOSS, HEALING AND BODY DETOXIFICATION in 10 Days (UPDATED)

Naked Sweets: Reforming Dessert for Blissful Nutrition

Arm Workout (At Home Fitness: Get Lean and Toned at Home)

The Green Gourmet Perfect Cup Of Tea Book : Tea History & Culture, Teas of the World, Growth & Processing, Blending & Grading, How To Match Tea with Food and How To Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

Abs & Back Workout (At Home Fitness: Get Lean and Toned at Home)

27 Most Important Health Questions about Prostate Health: Mainstream, Complementary and Nutritional Answers (27 Most Important Health Questions Series)

The Green Gourmet Organic Diet Book: Your Guide To Healthy, Natural Weight Loss

Stop Smoking (52 Brilliant Ideas)

Get Down to 150 - Finally, Healthy Natural Foods for Busy Women to Melt Fat Without Dieting or Insane Exercise so You Can Fit Into Those Skinny Jeans in 3 Simple Steps

Total Body Cleansing: What YOU Need to Know About Your Body, The Food YOU Eat, And How YOU Can Cleanse Your Body The Natural Way


Fruit Is Not Dessert: Rich Low-Calorie Desserts (Scrumptious Low-Calorie Recipes Cookbook)

Mama's Southern Cookbook-28 Old Fashioned Cake Recipes From Scratch

The Homemade Cook: Homemade French Sauces - Quick & Easy Dinner Sauces and Recipes to make any meal lip-smacking

I'll Have The Soup And Salad (Know About Cooking)

Vintage Recipes: Vintage Potato Recipes from 1945 - 46 Ways to Prepare Potatoes

Reflux Recipes: 40+ recipes for people who suffer from acid reflux

7 Minute Slow Cooker Recipes: For People With No Damn Time to Cook!

17 Holiday Recipes for the Paleo, Primal, and Gluten-Free Inclined ( Series of eBooks)

Sabor Latino: Flavors from Cuba, Mexico & Spain

Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes For One

Top 222 Amazing Vegetarian Recipes: Breakfast, Super Snacks, Lunch, Appetizer and Dinner Recipes - Bundle Edition (Vegeterian Recipes For Busy Women Collection)

The Home Baking Pantry Essentials (In the Pantry Baking Standards)

Home-based Business

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