Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Free ebooks 12/26/12 edition

This post is time sensitive.  If you are finding it after the post date, most of these are probably no longer free.  Always check the price before clicking "buy."

If you don't have a Kindle device, you can still access these books by downloading an app for your computer, tablet, or smartphone, or by using the Kindle Cloud Reader to read them online (or you could buy one, since the sheer number of these free daily ebooks makes it worth while! They start at only $69!).


Cider Cyder Cider - a few jottings on cider, how to make it and how to cook with it (Thorogoods Cider Collection)

Raising Pastured Pigs: A Guide to Rearing, Butchering, and Preserving Pastured Pork (Biggers' Guides to Homesteading)

Biggers Farm Guide II: Chickens (Biggers' Guides to Homesteading)

Charcuterie Made Simple: A No-Fluff Guide To Making Salami, Sausage, And Other Cured Meats At Home

How to Sprout Raw Food: Grow an Indoor Organic Garden with Wheatgrass, Bean Sprouts, Grain Sprouts, Microgreens, and More

German Shorthairs: How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend: From their playful personalities and hunting instincts, to common health issues like gastric dilatation ... a healthy diet (101 Publishing: Pets Series)

Catch the Most and Biggest Bass in Any Lake: 18 Pro Fishermen's Best Tactics

The Blue Hill Farms Guide To Basic Chicken Keeping

Solar Power your Boat, Camper or RV - Solar Charge your Batteries for Free Absolutely Anywhere

7 Myths About Aquaponics

Drinkable History: Horrifying Authentic Techniques for 3000 Year Old Hard Cider, 1500 Year Old Mead, and 1000 Year Old Ale

Thrifty Living

Meditation, Not Medication - Heal Yourself Using Your Mind-Body Connection with Healing Meditation

For Women Only, A Novel Approach to Depression in Women

How To Quit Smoking: And To Become A Happy, Healthy, Confident And Relaxed Non-Smoker

14 Essential Oils 75 Skin Problems (Seven Secrets To "P.E.R.F.E.C.T" Healthy Skin)

Save Your Life with the Power of pH Balance (How to Save Your Life)

Anti-Aging Herbs : Herbs To Help You Feel Better, Live Longer and Look Younger - Includes Recipes! (Healing Foods Series)

Waist Away: How to Joyfully Lose Weight and Supercharge Your Life

Why You DON'T Want to Lose Weight - How One Simple Change Gives You the Body & Results You Want (Working Class Weight Loss Series - Vol. 1)

Five Diet Myths That Other Gurus Won't Tell You! (Nutrition, Diet, & Exercise Myths)

Home-based Business

Super Moms Inc.: Work From Home, Build A Profitable Home Business, And Find Time For Your Family When You Have Kids To Take Care Of!

Make Money from Home with a Children's Ebay Business: Work from Home and Make Money on Ebay Selling New, Outgrown and Unwanted Kid's Clothes, Toys and Baby Items

Work from Home: Pocket Money Edition

How to Make and Sell Homemade Soap

How to Make Money with Taxidermy: 70 Tips for Hunters and Small Businesses

The Ultimate Guide to Using Pinterest to Ignite Your Creativity

How to Self-Publish a Book on Writing, Editing, Designing, Publishing, and Marketing

How to Self-Publish Your Own Quilt Catalog: A Workbook for Quilters, Guilds, Galleries and Textile Artists

The Grizzly Guide To Saving Money on shipping

25 Money-Making Businesses You Can Start in Your Spare Time

How to Find Video Game Internships: Premium Contacts & Strategies for Launching Your Video Gaming Career (Entertainment Power Players® "How To" Series)

How To Make $200 A Day Using Twitter

Teen Cash Apps! How to Make Money on Your Terms without a Traditional Job


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