Friday, July 1, 2011

Plethora of Popsicles

I oopsed last night when making jam and mashed up too many strawberries.  The children will be thrilled to discover that they have strawberry "ice cream treats" (any frozen treats are considered "ice cream treats" 'round here) tomorrow!  (Yes, I cleaned up that tray a bit before sticking it in the freezer.  I just forgot to take a nicer picture.)
With summer in full force, who doesn't like to cool down with a nice refreshing popsicle?  Who wants to pay grocery store prices for popsicles though?

Reusable popsicle molds are a great way to enjoy popsicles, without the premium price (ever notice how much I enjoy alliteration?  Yeah, I'm a dork).  Simply pour or scoop in the good stuff, freeze, pop out of the mold (maybe using a little cool water to loosen the popsicle from the mold), and enjoy.

Sure, some people may just use these for juice or Kool-Aid (my kids aren't allowed artificial colors so no Kool-Aid here, but it is possible in theory), but why stop there?

Popsicles can become a healthy, satisfying treat with something more substantial filling them up.  Blend or mash some strawberries, watermelon, or other fruit and fill them with that for a tricky way to get picky kids to eat fruit (not a problem in my house, but, again, just sayin').  Mix up some fruit (or chocolate syrup, if you want to be naughty) with some nice homemade yogurt, for a healthy ice cream alternative.  If you enjoy green smoothies (I'm slightly afraid to try green smoothies, but I still bet they'd make nice popsicles!) or any kind of smoothie for that matter, why not try those in a popsicle form?  Betcha frozen coffee (with cream and sugar, please) would be a fun popsicle for the grown-ups.  Okay, that last one wasn't exactly healthy, but since caffeine is an appetite suppressant, it probably would still be fairly satisfying...and energizing!

My point is, the possibilities are endless when you are making your own popsicle creations.  Right now, there are strawberry popsicles and orange (juice) popsicles in my freezer.   Have any popsicles in yours?


  1. Totally want popsicles now. The coffee ones. Good article!

  2. Green smoothies are sooo good! Don't be afraid of them.

  3. I agree with Lydia - green smoothies are delicious. The first time I made one, it was strawberries, banana, and spinach. My kids were hesitant to try it, but once they did they sucked them down and asked for more. It's become one of their favorite drinks...and now that you've pointed it out, I'm going to have to try freezing them.

  4. The trick to a green smoothie is to have someone else make it so you can eat it with your eyes closed. If you don't see green you won't taste is most likely.

    I make alof of pudding pops. I grew up in the Cosby era...I love me a puddin' pop. Lemon is my favorite.

    I also love a watermelon/mint (watermelon and mint simple syrup).

    I actually just found a brand new vintage set of Tupperware molds at my moms. Very excited to use them since I never remember them sticking like some of the ones I've bought since then.