Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another Day at the TPH--a Trailer Park Homestead update

There is absolutely nothing exciting going on here.  Well, the new trailer going in a couple lots down might be exciting, but until we see what sort of people move in, we won't know for sure.  Here's what I do know about what's growing on this week at the Trailer Park Homestead:
I probably could harvest those carrots and the spinach in the middle of this box anytime, but I think, other than harvesting a little spinach leaves here and there as needed, I'm going to leave them until next month, when I need the spots for something else.
My front "yard"
Onions and broccoli hanging out with my latest garden ornament (bought almost entirely with those "$$ off your next purchase" coupons!)
A number of my broccoli plants seem to have gotten eaten, but I still have plenty of time to replant.
Pretty soon, these peas will be big enough to start twining around the rails on our front steps.
My seedlings are excitedly waiting to go outside next month.  I currently have four varieties of peppers (jalapeno, cayenne, grand bell pepper, and California wonder bell peppers) and three varieties of tomatoes (beefsteak, brandywine, and silvery fir Russian).  I used to have a couple other varieties of tomatoes, but I only had one each and they died.  I might still end up with more though, since I still have seeds I haven't given up hope that they will germinate.  Ground cherries will soon be joining this collection of indoor starts as well.
Less than a week after starting my mushrooms in my kitchen, I already have very encouraging lumps!
I'm starting to wonder if my zombie pineapple is going to make it.  It is still looking pretty sad!  My zombie celery never recovered from its visit to the outside and was pronounced dead earlier this week.  I'll have to pick up another bunch of celery and another pineapple one of these days to try again.  In other zombie news, my avocado pit has split open, so I think it is trying to do something.

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  1. Don't give up on the pineapple yet. (As long as there is still green somewhere on the leaf). I read somewhere it can take 24-36 months to get a new pineapple that way.