Monday, April 2, 2012

How Does My Garden Grow--a Trailer Park Homestead update

With my disappearance for nearly a month, the number one question in people's minds on my resurfacing seems to be what's growing on in the garden?  Well, the zombie garden isn't doing that great.  The celery seems to be mad about me sticking it outside for a while when we had some warm weather a couple years ago, the sweet potatoes and avocado haven't sprouted yet, and the pineapple looks like it is thinking about not rising from the dead after all, but I'm still trying!  The banana seeds haven't sprouted yet either, but apparently they can take several months to germinate (according to my mother, a Master Gardener), so I'm not too worried about them either.

My "normal" garden is going great though!  I have onions, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, snap peas, carrots, lettuce, and spinach all above ground, planted outside.  There are also beets in the ground out there, but they haven't come up yet.  In the house, I have five varieties of tomatoes going, ranging from early to late, indeterminate and determinate varieties, so I should have tomatoes no later than the end of May or beginning of June and should keep having tomatoes all summer long!  Yay!  I miss tacos.  *sigh*  Tomatoes are one of those things that just don't seem right to buy off season (I've heard there are a ton of good reasons to not buy tomatoes in the book Tomatoland, but I haven't read it yet, so I'm not sure what all they are) and tacos just aren't the same without them! 

Here's what is currently growing on at the Trailer Park Homestead:
Much of the front garden area is growing on its own.  This rock lined area is primarily for herbs this year and has a great start with the perennials in there now: various mints, violets, and I think I even have seen some calendula coming up on its own.  I added a shelf to put more herbs or other small plants in to increase the vertical growing area.  All my berry bushes seem to have survived my neglect during the mild winter.
These are the carrots and spinach I planted last fall that didn't sprout in time for a fall harvest.  I covered this bed with plastic and they overwintered just fine!  Now there are additional onions and cauliflower growing in this bed too.  The back square foot gardening bed contains broccoli (some of which has been eaten up by a mysterious critter and needs to be replanted!) and the as-yet-unsprouted beet seeds.
Last year, this was my "St. Patrick's Day bed" but this year, I got the entire spring garden planted before St. Patrick's Day.
As much as I have growing outside, it still is very early in the growing season here in Michigan, so more tender plants like the five varieties of tomatoes and three varieties of peppers I have started all must stay indoors under fluorescent lights for now.


  1. I'd wondered where you'd gone. Glad to see it's all growing well. I'm having a rough time with the weird weather this year, but hopefully we'll come round to normal. Cheers!

  2. Good to hear from you again. I love that you call it a zombie garden. ;-)