Thursday, April 19, 2012

This Week's Pretty Uneventful Trailer Park Homestead Update

Of course, uneventful is a relative term. The new trailer a couple doors down is almost all the way in so we will possibly be having new neighbors in a matter of weeks (days?), the mushroom kit produced mushrooms, and an "oops" by the kids may produce a lot more broccoli than I'd planned, but I'm still longing for the later days of summer when I have harvesting and/or canning to do nearly daily (which reminds me, I probably should can some venison soon....).  Anyhoo, here's what's going on in pictures:
I think the new neighbor's house won't even interfere with my garden's sunlight.  Yay!
Defintely should think about getting that spinach out of there and eating it or freezing it!  Either way, it is getting pretty big!
Strawberry flowers in mid-April?  Really?  The lilac blooms are starting as well.  It certainly has been a weird spring!
Only about three of the original broccoli plants I started in the back box as still there, but I started more last week in some of the spots and then this week I found this....
Apparently, when I gave my son and his friend a little garden area and some seeds to play with, they had a little "oops" and spilled broccoli (?) seeds in the former potato bin (which is currently just a soil holder).  They neglected to mention it to me when it happened, so I can only make an educated guess about which seed packet spilled.  Regardless, it is something we'll eat, so I figure I should try to find someplace to stick these were they can grow rather than killing them off and letting them go to waste!
Speaking of seedlings, I haven't managed to kill off my tomatoes, peppers, and ground cherries I have started inside yet.  There have been a number of times that they've gotten pretty droopy from lack of watering though, so I'm hoping frosty nights are almost over (no more than a month, max, maybe considerably less with the weird weather we've been having).
And here is one of the reasons I'm not too worried about my current over abundance of seedlings.  I scored a bunch of cast off wood that used to be part of a chicken coop from Freecycle yesterday.  My husband thinks it was treated so is hesitant about using it for garden boxes, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't (you wouldn't use treated wood to build a chicken coop many, many years ago, would you?), so we are trying to figure out for sure.  Even if it is treated, and therefore unsuitable for planting edible plants in, I can still use it as a facade to conceal "unacceptable" gardening containers (according to trailer park management) like buckets.
And, finally, here are three of the world's cutest kids (I might be biased, but I doubt it) with the first mushrooms from our mushroom kit (ordering information to get your own awesome mushroom kit is on the sidebar----->)!

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