Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I've Been a Baaaaaaaaaaad Girl--X-Treme Food Stamp Challenge

So we just got back from running errands and grocery shopping a little bit ago.  We also did a fair amount of visiting with relatives, so the only food that has been consumed from our house today so far have been a couple of bananas that we just bought at the store, the cereal with milk the kids had for breakfast, and a can of Diet Coke.  Oh, and my husband killed off the bag of chocolate chips he's been pilfering for the past couple days (I might have had a couple, since it was open).  I still need to make my cookies for the 12 Weeks of Christmas Cookie entry for tomorrow, so I know we'll eat some of those, most likely with milk, but other than that, I think we are done eating for the day around here.

Here are the receipts from today's trip:
I want to point out again that things like facial tissues (aka Kleenex) aren't covered by food stamps, but bottle deposits are, so when I buy pop and bring the empty cans back to the store, it lets me buy things like that without spending actual money.

Here's where I was bad.  I bought a loooooooot of things that weren't on my list.  Some of this was because I brought my husband with me and he insisted we needed some cereal to get us by until our new WIC cycle starts next Thursday.  I saw a large 2 pound bag of fake Honey Nut Cheerios on clearance for $1.49, so I did okay that, but then he wanted a second kind!  They had the big Frosted Mini-Wheats on clearance for $1.75, so I okayed that purchase as well. 

The rest of the overbuying was my own fault/call/decision.  Refried beans, pasta,  and condensed milk weren't on my list, but they were all on really good sale, so I went ahead and got them for the pantry for future weeks.  I also got more cream cheese and tortilla chips than I would have gotten if they weren't on sale.  All in all, I spent an additional $12.43 because of buying extra staples on sale, but since I apparently (according to the top of my receipt) had non-coupon savings of $20.56 on a total of 28 items, I don't think we did too badly.  Of course, spending as much as I did only leaves us with $16.40 to last us until the 21st, but with WIC starting fresh next week, that should be fine. 

Which brings us to my WIC receipt:
Nothing exciting there, but in the interest of full disclosure, there it is.


  1. How wrong is it that the first thing to go through my mind when reading the title to your post was the lyrics to "Criminal" by Fiona Apple?

  2. Vanilla beans are normally VERY pricy but I've bought them for, I don't know, 35-85c each as part of a soap makers buyers co-op that Kya lets me in. I can make my own vanilla extract cheaper than I can buy it PLUS I used the spent beans for making vanilla sugar.

  3. That's a heck of a deal on the vanilla beans. I have a couple vanilla beans that I bought a while back, but just recently got some booze to make the extract with. I'm HOPING the vanilla I bought today will be enough to last me until I have some homemade.