Friday, December 9, 2011

My Husband Left Me to Go on a Killing Spree--X-Treme Food Stamp Challenge

Yesterday, the kids and my husband had cereal (some of the stuff we got on clearance the other day) with milk for breakfast.  I was bad and just had a couple cookies I'd made the night before and a Diet Coke.  The kids and my husband also had cookies, but theirs were snacks.  Before dinner, which was baked macaroni & cheese and sauteed green beans that I'd frozen from my garden, my husband left to go to his dad's for a few days to do some more hunting.  Regular deer firearm season is over, but muzzleloading season is still going on, so he left for a few days to see if he can get some more good, healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly, humane-as-possible-for-meat-to-be meat for the year.  Late last night, I had a snack of tortilla chips and

It occurred to me that some might think it is isn't "fair" that my husband and the occasional child are leaving during this challenge, but if you consider that most people with school aged kids who are on food stamps have their kid(s) fed by the school system for lunch and likely breakfast as well, via the free school lunch program, I still have a much harder deal, not to mention we are still getting waaaaaaaaaaaay less than the average for a family of our size for food stamps.  Heck, I'm pretty sure we are getting less than most families of 2, so even though, at this very moment, it is just me and 2 kids here (the 12 year old is still at his dad's until next Friday, the 6 year old is visiting his grandma again for a few days, and, of course, my husband left me to go on that killing spree), we are still below average on how much we get in food stamps!

Another random realization:  I eat like crap in the winter.  During the warmer months, I get up much earlier, get a decent breakfast in (most days), get to work doing whatever I need to do that day, break for lunch, get back to work doing whatever, stop to make dinner, eat, and then do household tasks.  Winter, it's like I'm semi-hibernating.  I sleep as late as I possibly can, may or may not have anything for breakfast, do a few things, then it's nearly dinner time so I make dinner, we eat dinner, I do a few more things, put the kids to bed, then either do some more useful things or maybe *gasp* relax a little and have a snack. Is that weird or do other people do that too?  Do you alter your eating habits in other ways in the winter?


  1. hey, you are right on! also, i eat like crap during the winter too. summer eating is so much easier.

  2. not sure if it's the same everywhere, but here you don't have to be on food stamps to qualify for free lunch at school, just lower income. I would dare to say that 90% of the kids in our school district get free lunch. I hardly ever see anyone bringing their lunch to school. As far as "fair", I think every family has a "missing" member a couple times a week.
    somehow eating veggies in the winter is almost nauseating to me, but in the summer, I can't get enough!

  3. here you don't have to be on food stamps either, but you do have to go to school. Since we homeschool, we don't get that extra free food.

    Glad I'm not the only one that doesn't eat so well in the winter!

  4. It's perfectly normal, especially when you live in a colder climate or come from a people who lived in a northern region. Our bodies know the cold is coming, and respond by slowing down, picking up some weight, and desiring things that will add a nice layer of blubber to our frames.

    I've been struggling with it too. I'm especially craving some hot potato soup with corn and bacon crumbles - it freezes well (or so I've been told, it never lasts long enough around here to freeze).

  5. Its definitely less appealing to dig out a can of corn or a bag of frozen stuff compared to cutting it off the stalk...I normally eat salad still, but its nowhere near as satisfying. And the holidays bring with it a glut of salty, fattening and sweet treats which help get your hibernation on. Definitely.

    Trying to lose weight and get more exercise outside of work isn't going so well when I want to drink pot after pot of tea and snuggle with the dogs eating carrots.

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