Saturday, December 10, 2011

X-Treme Food Stamp Challenge--freezer re-do

Noticing how badly I've been eating seems to have prompted me to eat a bit better yesterday.  Yes, I still had homemade (whole wheat) cookies and a Diet Coke for breakfast, but it was our "early" morning when we have to be out of the door no later than 10:45, an earlier time than we are usually even awake in the colder months, so there wasn't time for an actual breakfast.  The kids had dry cereal in a snack cup to-do and sippy cups of juice for a cheap breakfast on the go.

I decided that since half the family isn't here for a few days, this would be a good time to clean out the fridge and freezer of leftovers rather than making new family sized dishes and having lots of leftovers.  For lunch, we cleaned out the fridge by my killing off the chicken and rice casserole from the other day and they finished off the macaroni & cheese and green beans from the night before.  We then killed off the cookies I made on Wednesday.  For dinner, we had leftover chicken teriyaki that had been frozen in individual meal sizes, since who knows how long it will be until individual sized frozen meals are needed again and they are just taking up valuable freezer space in the meantime, and milk to drink. 

I'm hoping to refill some of that emptied freezer space with cookies and other baked goods.  My 12 year old comes up for the holidays on Friday and that boy can eat!  He ate an entire pumpkin pie by himself on Thanksgiving and my mom is fairly certain his dad isn't feeding him enough went he's there (no, she's not one of those people that thinks everyone needs to eat more either.   This is a very oldest-grandchild specific thing), so I'm trying to make sure there is plenty of things for him to eat while he's here, without me spending every minute of his being here trying to feed him!  I already have homemade pickles, applesauce, and salsa as well as frozen blueberries and home-canned peaches and pears he could have, but I still want to get some other things, like maybe pretzels, yogurt, and energy bars, made as well. 

As part of this effort, I made no-bake cookies last night, which the little ones and I enjoyed with some milk as a snack (and later I had a second snack of them with a cup of fruity tea) in the evening.  After the kids went to bed, I decided to up my fruit/veggie total for the day with some homemade apple-tomato salsa and tortilla chips (with a Diet Coke). 

Hopefully, I can get a few more batches of cookies and such made today while the people that would be likely to eat them as fast as I can make them aren't here!

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