Thursday, April 21, 2011

And MORE April Showers Bring Cabin Fever--A Trailer Park Homestead update

It has been way too cold and rainy lately.  Right now, as I write this, it is the warmest time of day, and it is 40 degrees and windy out.  Yuck.  I even woke up to a couple inches of snow on the ground the other day.  I decided that it had to be a bad dream and took a nap at the earliest possible opportunity.  When I woke up, it was all melted, so I might be inclined to really think it was a bad dream, if so many other people hadn't seen the same thing!  Since then, it's been raining pretty much every day.  Ugh.  It is supposed to be sunny today, so maybe I'll finally get a chance to do something outside, like get my mounds ready for the Three Sisters, since I probably need to get the soil ready for that soon.  Here's this week's roundup of what's going on at the Trailer Park Homestead so far though:

We've been getting so much rain that even things that should drain well, like this pot, sometimes are getting standing water in them!
Is it me, or does my broccoli look sad?  I don't think it liked the snow.  More spinach poking up here though!
More spinach in the box on the right...and apparently a local church laid an egg in the box on the left!
Some of my peas are finally starting to peek up!
My St. Patty's Day patch is finally starting to look like something.  Still no sign of the carrots I planted though.  I think they rotted or something ate them.  Probably should replant today.  Spinach and onions are up though!
It looks like the mystery plants grew, so that looks like these may be day lilies as the Master Gardener I consulted by phone thought they might be, and not something that I was going to kill by moving this time of year.  Good!  So I can move more to the front of the yard to hid my somewhat clandestine homestead!
I was so pleased with how well the chives are doing that.....
they ended up being part of the first dinner to have something from the garden in it for the year!  We had pan-fried tilapia, corn on the cob, and sour cream and chive mashed potatoes.  Sadly, the fish, corn, and sour cream were all from the store.  Always room for improvement, I guess!
The current seed nursery in my t-shirt drawer.  There are cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkin, zucchini, and blue hubbard squash in that bag.  I just need to figure out what to do with them when they start sprouting since I'm out of peat pots.  I'm leaning toward egg shells for at least some of them, but I'm also considering newspaper pots or a couple other things.  Time will tell what I decide to do...and them my blog will share that info!
The ground cherries had an awesome germination rate, so now I think I'm going to have way too many ground cherry plants!  Maybe I'll give some away or sell some at the community wide yard sale coming up....or maybe I'll just plant them all and have a lot to make into jams or other interesting things to eat!
My tomato plants are going nuts!  I think I'm going to need to lower the shelf they are on again, since some of the plants are bumping the light!
I almost have a salad in my indoor lettuce planter!  Actually, I probably do have a whole salad for one person, but since the kids would expect me to share...probably should hold off a while longer!


  1. My Indian Runner Beans in the plastic bag came out AWESOME :) Now if I can just get the three year old and 17 month old to STOP HELPING ME!!! I am worried about how many of the plants are going to come up with all the *help* they keep getting lol :) I used a shoe box, fast food cups, throw away cups, boxed food boxes, etc with used paper plates under them for many of my seeds :) My husband works at fast food so he brings home at least one cup a day... instead of tossing it we cut it down a bit and use it for seeds ;)

  2. Bad news about wanting the kids to stop helping: it isn't going to happen until you start wanting them to help a few years down the road and then they won't want to anymore! Probably be best to figure out some little ways they can "help" now and maybe they genuinely will be willing and able to at some point in the future! Maybe let them have their own mini gardens? Or "plant" something in a sandbox or something? Just my experience.

    Excellent on using what you have with your husband's fast good gleans!

  3. Your tomatoes & lettuces look great! What's your secret? I don't think mine have grown at all in the past week! :(

  4. I don't know that I have a secret. lol Maybe lots of good light (from the shop light hung above them), letting them go outside to play when the weather permits, remembering to water them....