Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Showers Bring Drowned Gardens--a Trailer Park Homestead update

First, it was too cold to do anything outside.  Then, the weather fooled me into thinking it was going to behave for a while, so I got my onions, carrots, peas, and spinach planted in the garden boxes, as well in the discovered garden bed I told you about before.  Then, the rains started.

Even areas that have good drainage are pooling in water today, as heavy as the rains have been.  It is supposed to not rain for a couple days, so I'm hoping they will dry off enough that maybe there will be some hope of salvaging something.  Right now, I'm afraid if the seeds had started sprouting, they've been drowned.  If they haven't drowned, they probably got washed away.  About the only thing that shows any signs of hope is the bed I planted on St. Patrick's Day, which has several onions sprouting and either has some weeds growing in one little area, or I discovered where the carrot seeds washed to (or I spilled some seeds there.  That's a possibility, too).
My house lettuce--under constant threat of my house rabbit (my 6 year old son)
Things look quite a bit more promising on the inside.  The leaf lettuce is doing great in its planter box I transferred them to.  I'm mostly growing them under the grow lights, but am taking them outside when the weather behaves well enough, which lately seems like never.  The broccoli is looking a bit leggy, but I've been trying to counteract that by taking it outside on good-enough weather days.  I'm not too worried about them though, since I plan on planting them outside next week.  The cabbage has been dying off on me.  I'm not sure why, but I started some new seeds the other day, so hopefully these will fare better.  The tomatoes are looking great!  I put the dome back over my seedling tray yesterday when I planted the ground cherry seeds, but the tomatoes won't be able to be under there for long, since they are almost touching the top of it!  I think I might put them in some larger seed cups soon too.  Three pepper plants have joined the ranks of the seedlings on the tray, but I'm hoping more will join them.  Apparently, the sprouting issue was due to too cold of temperatures, since as soon as I put them someplace warmer, they popped right up!
Peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, and (dying) cabbage under the light
My garden is going to look far different outside than what I originally thought, I think.  Between concerns over what I can "get away with" under the newly perceived probability of trailer park management disapproval (which hopefully can be bought away with fresh produce!), where my seed-happy self has been plunking seeds into soil contrary to the original maps I had drawn out, and new revelations about where I want to plant the ground cherries, I'm going to have to seriously revise my mental map of what's going on.  I think I've more or less given up on drawing out what I'm going to do, since I wasn't following the plan anyway, and playing it more by ear.  That's kind of how I do a lot of things and it generally works out, but it certainly can make it into more of an adventure!


  1. I hope your seeds survive the "Great Flood of 11."

  2. Plans are always changing in our gardening ideas. Mine never ends up the way I plan it because something always gets in the way such as this giant root or rock that I had not planned on. LOL!
    Your lettuce looks wonderful and your drowned seedlings may fool you with their need to grow.