Friday, October 7, 2011

1000 Facebook Fan PAR-TAY

Okay, as of the time I'm writing this, I haven't actually hit 1000 people liking my page on Facebook, but I'm really, really close! As of this very moment, there are 955 people who like the page. When it hits 1000, which I fully anticipate any day now, something wondrous and magical will happen: A PAR-TAY! That's right! Some of you will remember my 200th Post Par-tay a couple months ago, and this one will run pretty much the same way, but with even more prizes and more ways to enter to win!

To enter, post a comment on ANY of my nearly 250 blog posts. Each post is worth an entry into the contest. A second way you can enter is join (make sure you follow one of my links to do it, so you get credit for doing it!) and list 10 books available to trade (sorry, this way to enter is only for US residents). New followers on Twitter from now until the end of the contest will also be entered to win. A fourth way to enter is to submit a article, picture, or cartoon to (new authors to the site only, please) and put my name (Chris K) in the field that asks where you heard about the site). (The deadline for the ViewsHound entries has passed.  If you already submitted something to them, please make sure I know about it for this contest.) Finally, you can vote for me in either the Food Blogger contest (a one time thing) or the Fabulous Food Garden contest on (you can vote daily on this contest and each vote counts as an entry as long as this contest as going on as long as you let me know that you did so) and let me know you did so. So you have about a billion ways to enter, give or take.

Once the Facebook page reaches 1000 "likes" the contest will begin.  I will select one winner randomly at random times until the prizes run out.  Since there are a few ways to enter that might require a day or two to complete, I anticipate the giveaway to be going on for a few days.  I will tweet winner's name (which will then automatically show up on the Facebook page, since that's the way I have it set up).  The winner will then need to email me with their prize pick and mailing info.  One prize per person please.  Prizes are awarded in order of emails received, not name drawn so you'll want to email me as soon as possible to make sure someone else doesn't snatch up the prize you want!

Here are the prizes currently available.  More may be added at any time before the end of the contest if someone offers them up and I will update this page to reflect the prizes that have already been claimed:

2 dream catchers (to be awarded to two different people), provided by Allure of Hearth and Home:  The smaller dream catcher (the one with a large red stone on the webbing) is a six inch circle.  The larger dream catcher is 9 inches wide by 7 inches tall, and because of the size and tension, it's slightly warped - intentionally so - in a very pleasing manner. When set flat on a table, the side of the catcher curl up like a flower petal.  (When requesting, please specify which dream catcher you'd prefer.  Shipping only within the US please)

Patchwork placemat (given by reader Rachel W.):  I don't have details on this, but Rachel made it (will make?) it herself and it will be coming from Australia, so it must be cool!  (Congratulations, magreen!)

3 2 1 tie dyed flour sack towel (to be awarded to three two different people) by wilDandwackYuniversE's etsy store: They are super big and are really a pretty addition to the kitchen.  She says, "Whoever wins these can specify colors that they like. I can't promise anything but if I have something in stock with their color choices, I'm glad to send it rather than a random towel. The colors I use for my tie dye are: red, pink, yellow, blue, green, orange, black, brown, and purple. " (Shipping only in the US only, please) (Congrats to Amy S and Kristen W, for winning one each of these)

 4  3 2   1 Trailer Park Homestead seed assortment:  These don't come with a ton of seeds of each variety, but the ones that are included are heirloom (unless otherwise noted.  I might send some leftover other seeds too.  I'll have to see what I have floating around) so you can start off with a few plants the first year (just like I do on my 'stead) and save as many of the seeds as you'd like for a second planting the next time.  Each assortment includes a minimum of some Aunt Molly's ground cherries, moon and stars watermelon, and rostov sunflowers. (Shipping only within US please) (Congratulations to Carrie S, Theresa, and pattyloof for winning three sets of these)

Books (please note: these are all used, in varying states from "like new" to borderline "good"):

12 Best Foods Cookbook: over 200 delicious recipes featuring the 12 healthiest foods by Dana Jacobi:  From an award-winning food writer and chef-the breakthrough cookbook that identifies 12 micronutrient-rich foods that can help protect you against major disease and shows you how to turn them into mouthwatering dishes.

A diet rich in nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and vitamins, is not enough for our health. For optimum protection against heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other chronic diseases, we also need an abundance of micronutrients. How to make sure we get enough of these vital micronutrients-and how to prepare them easily and deliciously-is what Dana Jacobi shows us in 12 Best Foods Cookbook.

After identifying the 12 foods containing the most potent micronutrients-broccoli, black beans, tomatoes, salmon, soy, sweet potatoes, oats, onions, blueberries, walnuts, spinach, and chocolate-Jacobi provides over 200 fabulous, remarkably varied recipes starring these ingredients. From appetizers and sandwiches to sides and smoothies, from Salmon and Creamed Corn Chowder to a stir-fry of Asparagus, Red Pepper and Curried Tofu, the recipes in this book prove that a diet rich in all the micronutrients science has shown to be indispensable to our well-being can be a parade of delectable dishes. And, since chocolate is the most powerful antioxidant food, The Ultimate Bittersweet Brownies is one of the sweet treats that will satisfy the yearnings of health-conscious eaters and passionate chocoholics alike. (Congrats, Cheryl!)

The Cereal Lover's Cookbook: Fun, easy recipes for every occasion, made with your favorite ready-to-eat cereals by Lauren Chattman:  In The Cereal Lover's Cookbook, the great American staple comes out of the kitchen cabinet and goes into delicious recipes for everything from baked goods and snacks to salads, soups, and main dishes. There are more than fifty homestyle dishes to choose from, such as mustard-dill salmon fillets with a crispy corn flake crust, jam-filled muffins with a Grape Nuts® streusel topping, blueberry parfaits with layers of Fruit Loops®, and even meatloaf made with Wheaties®. All of your favorite cereals are here—Cap'n Crunch®, Cheerios®, Kix®, Special K, and more—adding crunch and pizzazz to recipes that are easy to make and hard to resist.

Confessions of an Organized Homemaker:  the secrets of uncluttering your home and taking control of your life by Deniece Schofield:  Do you find yourself constantly picking up the toys and clothing that clutter your home?  Has your desk drawer become your filing cabinet?  Do dentist appointments and important evens seem to sneak up on you--if you remember them at all?  If so, then Confessions of an Organized Homemaker is coming to your rescue!

The author, Deneice Schofield, who at one time needed "a camel, a canoe, a priest, and a tourniquet" to get through her home, has personally discovered and tested methods that will help you gain control of the house.  Through trial and error she has determined the best organizational techniques and strategies and can now pass them on to you!

This practical and comprehensive guide includes sections on:
  • ways to conquer the need to collect
  • tips on handling interruptions--the "hidden destroyers"
  • creating a time-saving personal planning notebook that will stop you from looking for things or forgetting events
If you follow these and many other valuable techniques, the confessions of this organized homemaker will keep the mess from being swept under the rug--and sweep you away!  (Congratulations, Patricialynn!)

Feed Your Kids Right: Dr. Smith's program for your child's total health by Lendon Smith, M.D.:  Illness, hyperactivity, and even stress can be prevented if your child eats right.  Lendon Smith, M.D.--"The Choldren's Doctor"--has developed a complete, yet easy-to-follow, nutritional program that insures your child's physical and mental well-being from infancy through adolescence.  At the core of the program is the "Prevention Diet," a general plan for eating that eliminates the "antinutrients"--foods that have been packaged, processed, added to, stabilized, colored, or preserved.  With his five health profiles, Dr. Smith shows how to recognize any fluctuations in your child's condition.  He also urges the use of vitamin supplements--clearly explaining the function of each vitamin and mineral--to counter such troubles as short attention-spans, skin rashes, muscle cramps, chronic colds, and allergies.  Dr. Smith's comprehensive plan addresses the total health of your child.

A Country Doctor's Common Sense Health Manual by J. Frank Hurdle, M.D.:  An easy-to-use guidebook for getting read of aches and pains all over the body, for building resistance to disease, and for "rolling back the years" so that you look and feel years younger! (Congrats, Mali!)
Green Living: the E Magazine handbook for living lightly on the earth by the editors of E/The Environmental Magazine:  Experts suggest that by 2005, 40 percent of American homes will buy organic, yet a large majority have only a limited knowledge of how to actually make informed, green choices. Green Living, from the editors of E/The Environmental Magazine offers a thorough, step-by-step plan for every aspect of your life, from the laundry room to the kitchen:

Maintaining a healthy home
Going organic and avoiding genetically modified food
Finding a planet-friendly car
Making socially responsible investments
Using personal-care products free of damaging chemicals

With advice on everything from planet-friendly cosmetics to home-based renewable energy, and straight talk on hemp, hybrids and hair coloring, Green Living is the ideal reference for both the neophyte and the experienced environmentalist. (Congratulations, Nicole!)

Today's Herbal Health for Children: a comprehensive guide to understanding nutrition and herbal medicine for children by Louise Tenney:  TODAY'S HERBAL HEALTH FOR CHILDREN contains valuable information to help concerned parents learn how to aid the healing process of their children through natural methods. Also discussed is the importance of prevention through building the immune system.(Congrats, Aine!)

You Can Be a Super Quilter!: a teach-yourself manual for beginners by Carla J. Hassel:  Create beautiful pillows, Christmas decorations, hot pads, placemats, bazaar items, and heirloom quality quilts that will be prized by your family and friends!


  1. Yeah another par-tay! The last one was so fun.

  2. wow- i would SO love to win one of your flour sack towels. i love things like that. i am new to your blog and FB page, but am following with interest and really like what you're doing. i am also completely envious that you are anywhere where 20# of blueberries is a possibility. wow. :)

  3. I'd love some seeds! whoo hoo for contests