Saturday, October 1, 2011

Please Help

Every day since February 3 of this year, I've made sure that at least one post has gone up on this blog.  Every day, regardless of what I've been going through or needed to get done, I gotten something up in the hopes of educating, inspiring, or perhaps even entertaining someone out there on the other end of the internets.  Now I want something back.  No, I'm not asking for money (although that always does help and there is always a secure Paypal donation button on the sidebar if you are so inclined, but I digress).  There is a contest that I'd really like to win and you can help me do it. 

There are two winners to the contest, a people's choice and an editors' choice.  Both win $500, but I'm extra interested in the editors' choice award.  Not only does that person get the money, but their garden will be featured in Mother Earth News magazine.  My whole life, I've viewed Mother Earth News to be a major inspiration, so it would truly be an honor to have my garden, that I've worked so hard on and fought so hard for, to show up in its pages.  In order to be eligible for that prize, I first have to make it into the top 25 gardens.  As of this writing, I'm 5 votes away from being in the top 25 and just over 150 votes away from being in the top spot!  You can vote every day and voting ends November 1.  You do have to sign up with the website to vote, but they don't ask for personal info except for a zip code (which isn't really that personal) and, except for a few required fields, most of what they ask, including about which gardens you'd like to follow, you can just click "skip this step" to just join to vote.  Please click here to go to my page to vote.

In case you need some reminders (or are new to this blog and don't know), here are some highlights from this year's garden, the first year of the Trailer Park Homestead:

Obviously, I could show off many, many more pictures of my garden, and I'm currently working on getting as many as possible uploaded to my page at so even people who've never heard of my blog can see that I should win this contest. 

So please, please, please vote for me!  With over 900 Facebook fans (yes, I'm plotting something cool for when I hit 1000), plus a bunch of people following me on Twitter, NetworkedBlogs, and who knows where else, it seems like it should be a piece of homegrown carrot cake for me to take this thing, but if no one votes for me, I won't.  Please don't let me down.


  1. It said I did vote. but I had to actually register my garden and become a member, like you said.... but a bit more. not a problem really. Just took a few minutes. The hardest part was naming my garden!!! lol!

  2. I also signed up to vote, but they asked for more information than just my zip code (just so you know). I'll be clicking the vote button every day!

  3. I voted for you! Did you see mine on there? The one from Hunstville TX?

  4. I cast my first vote for you today.
    (I actually signed up yesterday, but it was a bit of an ordeal for me because I'm not too sharp at being interactive with the internet. doh. But apparently it 'took' because today it recognized me and I signed in like I knew what I was doing. Dumb luck. lol.)

  5. I love seeing all the pics of the homestead. It truely inspires!