Saturday, October 22, 2011

Survivialism: Not just for nutjobs anymore

 If you are reading this, I think it is safe to assume the world didn’t end on 10/21 as Harold Camping predicted. Not too many people were surprised by this, especially since this isn’t the first time that he or countless other “prophets” have been wrong throughout history. But just because no one has successfully predicted the end of the world yet, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for it to end at any given time. (click here to read the rest of the article on ViewsHound)


  1. Geez, I always watch for the end of the world, and I always miss it....

  2. I don't expect a complete end to the world, but I do think it's possible that the world - or perhaps 'society' would be a better word to use - will change drastically enough in the near future that it could be described as "the end of the world as we know it."

  3. Whew!
    I am fairly new to reading about prepping and survival on the internet. When I first started looking for earthquake preparedness info I got looking at everything, even dooms day stuff. For months I had a post-it note on my computer with that date, just couldn't remember the specifics, other than The End of the World Day. Thankfully I can peel it off and throw it out. The next time I will included some details so that I'll know what the source was. It was good incentive, tho.