Friday, October 21, 2011

Thrifty's Fried Chicken Bowl

I admit, I love the taste of KFC's food.  I'm especially fond of those mashed potato bowls, filled with those tasty layers.  I hate that I love it, as overpriced and drenched in chemicals as it is, but what can you do?  Well, in my case, I knock it off and make my best imitation at home.  Sure, it tastes almost nothing like the real thing, since mine is completely free of MSG and low in salt and I have yet to figure out the other ingredients in their chicken breading or gravy (and why is the gravy so brown?), but I can pretend!  Another huge advantage of mine: you can make it entirely out of leftovers!
Theirs (they clearly can afford a better photographer...or at least a better quality camera than my phone has!)

Thrifty's Not-so-famous Mashed Potato Bowl

a few tablespoons or less of milk
leftover mashed poatoes
leftover kernel corn
leftover popcorn chicken
leftover gravy
sprinkling of Cheddar, colby, and/or Monterey jack cheese

If needed to make the mashed potatoes extra creamy, add milk and mix with an electric mixer until desired consistency.  Top with kernel corn and popcorn chicken and drizzle gravy over everything.  Heat in microwave or oven until warm through.  Top with cheese(s) and serve.

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  1. I love the fact that other people are curious about the ingredients in restaurant food too - and that a lot of people out there are skilled in reverse engineering! Do a simple google search for "copycat recipe KFC gravy", and you will find dozens of mock-ups that you can make at home without the preservatives and sodium. There are a lot of great KFC breading mock-ups for chicken as well.

    I particularly love the copycat of Chili's southwestern egg rolls - I use a kitchen paintbrush to brush a little oil on mine, then bake them rather than fry them - the taste is nearly identical, but with far less calories. I also love the fact that my kids will gobble them down without saying anything bad about the spinach inside!