Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Great Die-off and Resurrection--a Trailer Park Homestead update

I was going to call this post "The Great Die-Off" when I was originally going to do it a couple of days ago, because so many of my plants (mostly vining things.  Maybe they didn't like being transplanted?) died recently.  But then it rained like crazy yesterday and a lot of things that were only partially dead perked back up, so I guess there is a resurrection going on here right now as well.  I'm sure I'll know more and have more stuff growing to make up for it by next week and I'll share that with you as well, but for now, here's what's going on at the Trailer Park Homestead.

The peas are getting big enough I'm having to start to train them to grow where they're supposed to.
I transplanted some broccoli to the front bed because A) technically they are flowers and I found that funny and B) they  are marking where I have basil, lavender, and spinach planted.  I'll be adding some marigolds and rutabaga up here in June and then it will be "done"...until more space opens up.
The blue jade corn is starting to come up all over the place!
One of the Three Sisters is up!  This is blue hubbard squash and the other bed's pumpkins are also up.
The sunflowers are starting to look like something planted there intentionally, not just a random weed, and the vining things are starting to thrive or die.  Either way, their lot has been cast.
The potatoes finally sprouted in the potato condo.  Time to start piling on the poop!
Oops.  Kind of spilled lettuce seeds when I planted this planter.  Looks like I'll definitely need to thin this one out!


  1. LOL... This is lovely! Good thing about lettuce thinnings is that you can eat them. I planted some lettuce in those little soil pucks, expecting to be in our new place about a month ago. Still haven't moved, so I had to give them to a housemate to plant in his garden. They might live... In any case, it's looking good!

  2. Yup. A lot of times when I thin things like that that the sprouts can be eaten, I make sure one of the kids is standing near me, so I feed them the picked off ones rather than just tossing them! lol

  3. Something I'm keeping an eye on...I heard our local garden guy on the radio talking about all the rain we've had, and how it can actually wash away the nitrogen from the soil. So something to watch for, if you're not getting the results you should, and you've had a lot of rain, you might need to do a little extra fertilizing. That you are doing peas is good because they help fix the nitrogen. Mine are flowering, but I am south of you in Ohio and it's been a bit warmer here.

  4. What are you using for the peas to vine up? I have a lonely urban pea plant with no where to vine :(

  5. On the raised beds, there is nylon twine attached to the PVC pipe frame for climbing and vining things to go up. I also have peas in pots by the stairs going up to the front door and those peas are vining up the vertical part of the rails.