Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Gardening Mystery

The only thing that is supposed to be growing in this bucket is one, single Brandywine tomato plant.  I was quite surprised to find this when checking on my plants yesterday morning!  I have no idea where those plants on the left came from.  Some seeds must have wandered in at some point, but how and when and what are they?  They look too much like a squash or melon plant for me to pull them, so I guess I'll transplant them to another part of the garden and see what happens!  Any guesses on what they are?


  1. I think birds move seeds around just to mess with our minds...

  2. @Kellie,if the birds really do that,I'm in big trouble! :)

    You could have a "guess the plant" contest,and announce the winner later in the summer. :)

  3. I would say you might be right...either watermelon, squash or perhaps cucumber?

  4. I agree, those look like squash family friends!

    By the way, my ground cherries are doing GREAT. They're going into permanent homes this weekend! (It's been sooo wet and cold here; we're all at least 2 weeks behind on garden stuff)

  5. That looks like cuke to me. :) The pre-leaves are round and fat, and those seem very cukie to me. LOL

  6. I transplanted them to their own special area, so, if the transplant doesn't kill them (or they don't sucumb to something else), I may just have a guess the plant contest. Let's make sure they'll survive first though!

    @Zoë: cool!

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