Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All's Quiet on the Trailer Park Homestead

For the first time, I'm more or less caught up on the homestead.  Everything is planted.  Everything is weeded and watered, for a couple days anyway.  No major construction projects need to be done.  Now maybe I'll finally get a chance to catch up on some of the non-essential projects, like landscaping for the sake of landscaping or doing some deep "spring cleaning" inside the house.

Here's what's all growing on:
Here is an updated picture of my mystery plants.  If you think you know what they are, be sure to go to the contest post to enter to win!
The potatoes seem to be thriving in the moved potato condo.  I buried them shortly after this picture was taken.
This is a plant that came with a planter I got from Freecycle.  I didn't really want the plant and dumped it in the compost bin when I took the pot to put a blueberry bush in.  The darn thing wouldn't die!  When I moved the compost bin, I gave up on killing it and decided to just incorporate into the landscaping.
The flowers, sunflowers and calendula, are already coming up in the back of the St. Patty's bed.  I always find that somewhat amusing that I have gotten to the point that I'll have second plantings going around the time that most people in the area are just getting their gardens in.
The peas on the steps aren't looking so good, so I told the kids not to eat these peas, so we can save them for seed.  Then, I plan on letting them die and moving some of the peas that are currently on the backside of the front garden bed to here so the tomatoes can have the strings to climb.
I think this is the prettiest head of broccoli I've ever grown.  Where we used to live, cabbage moth caterpillars would always eat my plants up so bad that it really wasn't the effort.  I decided to give it a shot here anyway, and it looks like it's paying off!  I suspect some broccoli recipes will be coming up soon on the blog....
Basil's finally up.  The front garden lined by rocks seems to be shaping up to be predominantly a herb garden.
There are about a dozen or so blossoms in this planter at last count.  Yup, I'm definitely starting to worry about the abundance of zucchini!  There'll definitely be some zucchini recipes coming up soon too, barring some kind of catastrophe.


  1. Your plants look great!My garden is going crazy!
    Stop by sometime and I'll give you the grand tour.

  2. Hi there...enjoying looking around your place and am impressed!

    Is that plant that wouldn't die a chive of some description? It looks like the ones I grow in Australia.


  3. I was just going to comment, I believe "the plant that wouldn't die" is chives. :) You might want to pull it out of there and plant it, trim it up a bit, and then stir some chives into cream cheese for a lovely cracker spread. :)

  4. Yup. I already have some maintained chives, more than I can use, actually, so I'm kind of treating this one like an ornamental at this point. My mom, a master gardener is concerned it will take over the yard if I let it go to seed, but considering how much the kids like to pick flowers and that this is one of the few plants around that they can pick flowers off of, I don't think there is really danger of that!