Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Everything's Growing Like Weeds, Including the Weeds--a Trailer Park Homestead update

I'm not even sure what this viney thing is, growing in a very weedy area of the border bed, but it looks like I'll be finding out soon!

Everything is planted--finally.  Unfortunately, with last week's adventures, I've fallen behind on weeding, so not only are the plants I want growing like weeds, but the weeds are growing like weeds!  And it is too darn hot to do anything about it!  I've been trying to go out for short periods, but it is just too much for my Northern sensibilities to be out in 90+ degrees and a million percent humidity for long.  Here's where things stand for now in pictures:
The squashes in the Three Sisters beds are bigger than the ones I started inside earlier in the season!  Maybe I won't bother starting squash inside next year, since it doesn't look like it really had any advantages.
The potatoes survived the move in the potato condo.  I decided to stop being so aggressive about burying them, so I'll wait until they grow over the top of the existing planks before adding more compost and add more planks at the same time.
The back of this was one of the places there was spinach.  Now there are flowers planted there--alternating sunflowers and calendula
The planter on the left had spinach, now has my newest planting of lettuce.
A couple of my Brandywine tomato plants are sporting flowers!  Yay!
In sad news, some of the peas seem to be feeling the heat and are already getting brownish.  I haven't even had any of this candy on the vine yet, since my 6 year old got into them and took every little pealet off the other day and ate them!  I should have more in a couple more days though.
The front raised bed also had spinach on the left.  Now I have rutabaga planted there.  Yum, pasties!
This area has a lot more plants in it since I picked up some herbs from someone on Freecycle the other day.  The rest of the bed is planted too, so hopefully it will be full of something other than weeds at some point.
I'm a little worried about how well the zucchini is doing.  It might be doing a little too well!
Remember, all of this is happening on a tiny trailer park lot.  I could do a lot more too, if I had more time.  I dream of further filling it with fruit trees, shrubs, and vines, a bee hive behind the house, a couple fish barrels someplace, and maybe some rabbits in the garage, but I don't think that is a realistic dream, especially not for this year!


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about the least it doesn't look like you've got 8 plants of it like I ended up with. :)

  2. I'm not sure how many zucchini plants I have! I kind of lost track of what vining things I planted where, so it is possible that I have more elsewhere in the yard! There are 4 right there in that picture.

  3. I significantly over-planted my summer squash and have been moving it anywhere there might be room. I got a compact yellow type, a pack of "Space-Miser" which is small and green, and then a mixed pack of those weird pan patty squash to try and tempt the two squash-holdouts in the household into eating them. Last year was awful with a double attack of powdery mildew and vine borers so I'm hoping it's a good omen...nice to see a lot of other gardens with an over-abundance as well!

  4. My squash all succumbed to powdery mildew last year too, so I'm hoping....