Friday, June 24, 2011

Working With The Weather

It was a dark, gray, gloomy, cool and wet day on the Trailer Park Homestead yesterday.  Much too wet to do anything outside.  That's okay though, since that gave me a great opportunity to get the house cleaned up and get caught up on laundry.  I also cooked up a chicken for dinner that I'll be saving the pieces from for much warmer days that I don't want to turn the oven on to cook a chicken.  I finally got a chance to process the flat of strawberries that I got at a farmers market a couple days ago.

If it was just cool, dark, and gloomy, I would have still done some work outside.  I just decided a couple days ago that I could probably convince something to grow near the dryer vent, so I was working on that project, but then it got too wet to continue. 
Fortunately, I have plenty of things to do indoors.  I've actually been waiting for a couple of days like this.  I don't like to bake on hot days, since then I have to either suffer in a hot kitchen or make the air conditioner work harder.  Someday, I'll have an outdoor oven to use in the summer months, but probably not until we have our dream place in the country.  Until then, I just try to plan my baking to
coincide with cooperative weather.  

I'm hoping today to get several loaves of bread made (maybe even some cinnamon raisin bread.  Yum!) so I can freeze some.  I'm also hoping to get some cookies and brownies of various types made to freeze and pull out when I want them rather than overheating the house or splurging to buy some (or just doing without, but we all know that just isn't an acceptable option!).

Gotta take advantage of these cool days when I have them, since they are few and fleeting in the summer!

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  1. Just have to say I love your blog. I do my baking like that too. Thanks for sharing!