Saturday, June 4, 2011

Help Solve the Mystery *****CONTEST*****

All three mystery plants together, taken yesterday
Last weekend, I posted a picture of a pair of mystery plants that cropped up in one of my tomato buckets.  I didn't want to toss them like weeds, because they looked too much like some of the plants I'd intentionally planted this year, so I think maybe a couple seeds got dropped in the tomato bucket somehow.  Rather than pulling them, I carefully transplanted them to a garden bed that didn't have anything in it yet.

The second mystery plant
The next day, there was another of the mystery plants in the same place.

I transplanted the third mystery plant and waited to see if they looked like they were going to survive the move.  Now, they've all grown since I moved them, so I'm pretty confident they'll live.

The Container Expert: What to buy and what to grow in tubs, pots, troughs, hanging baskets and window boxesHere's your chance to solve the mystery!  Post what you think the plant is here (and be specific!  If you say "squash" and it ends up being zucchini, you won't get credit.  Say what kind of squash you think it is!) and when I figure out what it is, I will select someone at random from the correct responses to receive the prize, a couple of The Container Expert: What to buy and what to grow in tubs, pots, troughs, hanging baskets and window boxes!  I may end up throwing some other stuff in there and making it a prize pack, but for now, that's what's being offered.

The original mystery plants
Remember, you have to post your guesses HERE on this post, not the Facebook page, not on Twitter.  You can enter as many times as you like if you change your mind about what you think it is and you can ask questions to help figure it out (that you can do on Facebook or Twitter, but the actual guesses have to be on this page.  I assume all three are the same thing, but you are free to not make that assumption and guess that they are different things.  I will announce the winner on Facebook and Twitter though, so keep your eyes peeled to see if you are the winner!

If the plants die, the contest is null and void.  Good all of us!


  1. straight neck yellow squash or crooked neck :D

  2. I have never planted either of those, so I'm doubtful that's what they are, but since I don't really know what they are or how they got there, I suppose it is possible!

  3. Those look like squash to me, but as I understand it a lot of squash varieties cross-pollinate, so you may not have any specific variety growing. But I'm a novice seed saver so I could be wrong.

    I always get a lot of squash seedlings from my compost heap. I usually let them grow One year I harvested a bunch of acorn squash from the compost pile!

  4. The two on the side of the bucket are zucchini squash. Lemme get back to you on the 3rd...


  5. The two on the side are some cucurbit, most likely a some sort of melon. The other is a tomato, don't know what variety.


  6. They are melons! has some one been spitting watermelon seeds in your bucket? Maybe cucumber but I'm guessing melon

  7. My goodness, I hope not! LOL That would give me at least 7 zucchini plants total, if that was the case! Possibly more, if I stuck some in the "miscellaneous vining things" zones!

  8. I'm gonna say pumpkin....! :)

  9. The contest is closed and the last comment got it, but I don't know how to reach that person :-(